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An informational page on Tigers
A good site dedicated to the knowledge of sharks
Ben S. Roesch's shark page. Discovery's Sharks Spash page.
The Orangutan Foundation International page.


A site dedicated to Radiohead
Barb's Eagles page and the 'Hotel California' Eagles Page
What's the greatest band of ALL TIME? Go to the The Fishbowl to find out.
A site on Cat Stevens but known now as Yusaf Islam.
Want to see The Doors Uncovered or go to Absolutely All Doors?


Heard of String Theory? Thus far, its the best attempt to combine the concepts of Quantem Theory and the Theory of Relativity. The Superstring Theory, The Second Superstring Revolution, and/or the Superstrings! pages should shine some insight.
Dinosaurs of Colorado. And T. Mike Keesey's page devoted to dinos.


One of the FEW good films EVER created, learn more about 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Want to learn how to cook Indian food?
Barb's Kids in the Hall page and the The Complete guide to KITH.
Want to see something unusually useless? Well this site is my friend's (known as "Anonymous Wheaties") favorite website.