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June 28, 2003 -
Tuffy passed away today. Can't really sleep so I made a small tribute in his honour in the Image Gallery Page

June 01, 2003 -
Added a new stuff to the jokes page and added a significant amout of information to the Free Knowledge page. Also updated the Biography, Gallery, Links, and riddles pages.

March 15, 2003 -
Updated the Biography, Free Knowledge pages and revamped the Image Gallery page.

January 04, 2003 -
Red Wings page will be removed in the near future...permanently. Professional sports is starting to wear on tolerance for it. Will replace it as soon as I think of a replacemement. Updated the biography and pictures pages.

September 15, 2002 -
Updated the biography, Picture Gallery, Riddles and Links pages. Planning larger changes for the website soon, provided I get time. Enjoy!

April 1, 2002 -
Added a tribute to my grandfather and updated the biography and image gallery pages.

July 11, 2001 -
Gallery and SSKNA pages updated.

May 06, 2001 -
Big changes to the website structure. Also updated my Biography page, the Jokes and Riddles pages. New stuff in the 'Red Wings' and 'Knowledge' pages. Professional sports are getting tiring, might remove the Red Wings page in the future and replace it with a more universal interest of mine (perhaps chess, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, or something else). This might have a little to do with their PATHETIC effort this year. Also, I now have the hardware to make video clips so I might put a few of them up soon.

September 04, 2000 -
I was enjoying my first summer vacation in five years, hence the lack of updates. I removed the 'Multimedia' page since it really added nothing to the page. I updated nearly every page including: the Biography, Image Gallery, Riddles, Jokes, Red Wings, Links, and SSKNA pages. I also made several structural changes to the website including putting some midis on the index page. Please note my e-mail address has changed.

May 18, 2000 -
Updated the SSKNA page in various aspects. Also removed the riddles with java applets since those riddles are mainly visual instead of conseptual. I'm re-doing the whole look of my page, this process will likely continue in the coming months. The 'Jokes' and 'Knowledge' pages have also been updated.

March 12, 2000 -
Finally added the "knowledge" page that I was trying to accomplish for the past several months. I'll add to the page regularly. Updated the SSKNA page by removing the audio clip of the tabla, updating the Matimonial Section, and adding a translated version of the page in Hindi. On the main page, the SSKNA page link will be in the right frame from onwards. The Jokes and Riddles pages have been updated as well.

January 24, 2000 -
Happy new year (not 'millenium' as many blindly believe so due to mass media). The photo gallery has been updated with new pics from India. The links and bio pages have also been modified. In the sskna page, the story by Dr. Kabadi has been revised and all the links have been updated.

December 01, 1999 -
Biography, Multimedia, Links and sskna pages are updated. Major changes to the Jokes Page.

September 12, 1999 -
My Biography, Multimedia, Riddles, and Jokes pages are updated. The SSKNA page has been updated with new midis, an Indian Jokes page and other things. All thumbnails were also compressed to speed up page loadings.

July 15, 1999 -
Multimedia page updated with new midis. SSKNA page is updated with a variety of stuff including pics from Gatlingburg '99.

June 20, 1999 -
Got rid of some of the javascript and pictures to make the page load much faster. Updated the photo gallery with 5 new pics (also deleted 4 old ones).

June 02, 1999 -
Remade a lot of the scans so the site should look better, The gallery page has been updated and the corrupted links in the multimedia section were fixed again. I also added a new riddles page to accompany the jokes and updated the links page (Goodbye Stanley, the Wings blew it badly).

19, May 1999 -
Edited the Java scripts so the main page should load faster now. Also fixed up the missing links and changed the layout slightly. SSKNA page updated.

24, April 1999 -
The South Park "" was removed since it didn't really belong on the site. Several additions to the site including a novel program/joke on the multimedia page. Also, the Redwings picture on the left goes to my new Wings page in anticipation of our third cup.

26, Jan 1999 -
Unfortunately, nothing major but a significant update will come in a couple weeks. The counter was accidently reset on Decemeber 03, 1998.

28, Sept 1998 -
Minor changes throughout the site. Changes to the SSKNA page

10, July 1998 -
Vladimir literature added. Links updated.

30, June 1998 -
Several enhancements to the site including a counter.

22, June 1998 -
Literature added (Red Wings championship).

06, June 1998 -
Site completely remodeled, enjoy. E-mail me suggestions, thanks.